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Moisture Issues and Drywall Separation in Columbus, OH
Customer: Marty L.
Location: Columbus, OH 43221
Project Manager: Wes Martin

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Project Description


Marty called into The Basement Doctor regarding some ongoing challenges in her basement. She had an interest to have some glass block windows installed. While on the phone, she stated that she had some moisture issues in her basement. There was also a room in her basement that was experiencing drywall separation. Marty scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution to the issues in her basement.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Wes Martin out to assess Marty’s basement. Wes was a great fit for this project, because of his reputation and willingness to assist homeowners throughout central Ohio. Wes had a set objective in dealing with the multiple issues this basement presented. After a thorough assessment, Wes prescribed a couple of things that include: basement doctor plus epoxy, two glass block windows, whitecap, and reinforcers. Basement Doctor Plus Epoxy addresses moisture that maybe present in the walls while providing as a sealant as well. Whitecap eliminates moisture, mold, nasty elements, and provides better air quality. The two glass block windows were a preferred choice that adds value to the home and keeps elements on the outside where they belong. Reinforcers re-establish the position of walls or foundation that may need to be re-aligned. Marty agreed to move forward with the installation process. Our Basement Doctor crew was on the job to ensure a successful installation. The customer was given the peace of mind that he needed. The Basement Doctor’s goal of trust and customer satisfaction was achieved!

Customer Quote:

“I am very pleased with your work and customer service from every facet. Wes, the crew, and the business office provided a great experience.” – Marty L.