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Moldy and Bowed Basement Walls in Hilliard
Customer: William & Becky M.
Location: Hilliard, OH 43206
Project Manager: Nathan Reed
Installation Foreman: Jesse Hall

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Project Description


The homeowner, Becky, informed us of a couple issues in their home. Becky complained of having bowed and moldy basement walls. She stated that their home was older and they had been having issues for years. Their basement was unfinished and had a block wall foundation. These issues are definitely common amongst many of our customers. The structural issues coupled with the health concerns over mold are certainly stressful to any homeowner. Needing a solution, they called The Basement Doctor!


The Basement Doctor sent Project Manager Nate Reed out to assess the issues in the homeowner’s basement. Nate Reed is a certified professional and always determined to help homeowners with objective solutions. Nate suggested Force Beams and Basement Doctor Plus! Force Beams will allow the bowed walls to be straightened and aligned properly to their original position over time. Basement Doctor Plus is an epoxy coating that is applied to the basement walls after a scarifying process to remove mold and prevent future growth. Basement Doctor Plus is solvent free, fast drying, great for wet basement walls and leaves a clean white appearance. In this particular case study, Nate understood the urgency of the homeowner and delivered an alternative solution. The homeowners were given peace of mind knowing they had indeed called the right place!

A Special Note:

Becky was very concerned about keeping the basement clean, not leaving any messes and not spreading mold and dust throughout the rest of the home. The Foreman, Jesse Hall, and his team worked hard to exceed the homeowners’ expectations. They setup negative air machines which vacuum the air and cleaned the area thoroughly at the completion of the repair.