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Previous Customer Returning To Get Market Ready | Pickerington, OH
Customer: Marty D.
Location: Pickerington, OH
Project Manager: Jim Shore
Installation Foreman: Justin Parks

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Project Description

Homeowner, Marty, and his wife are in the process of building a new home, therefore they will be selling their current residence. While inspecting the home to prepare it for the market, they discovered interior cracks and separation of the stucco on the exterior of their home. Being a previous Basement Doctor customer, Marty knew that he wanted the same professional quality and care that he received with his previous project of force beamscrawl space encapsulation, and piering. He quickly called in to set up his free in-home inspection.

Quality Force Beams Installation, Crawl Space Encapsulation, and Piering

Project Manager, Jim Shore, met with the Dixon’s for a thorough interior and exterior inspection. He noticed that the weight of the fireplace was causing settlement and cracking. Jim proposed helical piers to address those issues. A helical pier is a steel shaft with round helix plates, like a screw. These piers are screwed into the ground to a depth determined by soil resistance, providing stability for the weight of the structure to be transferred onto the system for support. In some cases, the foundation can be lifted back to its original position. With complete trust in Jim, his evaluation, and solution, Marty decided to move forward with the proposed work.

On installation day, Justin and his crew went straight to work installing 9 piers. Marty found the crew to be professional and personable. He was informed about the work and its progression throughout the project and what he thought would take three days was done in only one!

Now, the Dixon’s are moving forward with the sale of their home confident they will pass the home inspection and knowing that the new homeowners are protected by The Basement Doctor’s warranty.

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Customer Quote:

“We feel now that with the work The Basement Doctor has done, we can confidently sell this house and they will have many, many good years in this house.”