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Wall Shifting, Leaking, and Microbial Growth in Hopewell, OH
Customer: Robert S.
Location: Hopewell, OH 43746
Project Manager: Nate Reed

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Project Description


The homeowner called The Basement Doctor because he was having multiple issues in his basement. Two of his walls had shifted significantly, and the previous owner had installed homemade braces that were failing. The second issue was that water was pouring into the basement through a sheared block joint at the base of the wall with a dysfunctional sump pump. The final issue he faced was large amounts of microbial growth throughout the basement that was caused by excess moisture, organic materials and high enough humidity for it to thrive. Concerned about the home and his health, the homeowner scheduled a free consultation hoping The Basement Doctor could provide a solution to all of these problems!


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Nate Reed out for an assessment. There were a lot of issues going on at one time that required a seasoned project manager to truly diagnose properly.  After a thorough assessment, Nate determined the homeowner’s issues needed immediate attention. While discussing the options, Nate suggested a Basement Doctor waterproofing system to solve the water coming in, force beams to permanently stabilize the walls, and a new sump pump. The homeowner contemplated tearing the house down since so many issues existed but wanted to discuss options with his wife before making a decision.  After some time and consideration, the homeowner had Nate back out to their home for a second appointment and  decided to move forward with the options Nate presented. The Basement Doctor crew was on the job to ensure a successful installation and restoration of their home and peace of mind.