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Sinking and Settling Home Foundation Repair Dublin, OH
Customer: Amber. A & John B.
Location: Dublin, OH 43017
Project Manager: Ryan Bolin
Installation Foreman: Rob Giffin

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Project Description


The term “Settling” is when the home’s foundation sinks further into the ground. This process can take place in a home due to time and weather. This is something that a homeowner should never take lightly, as this affects the overall structure of a home when overlooked. In this case we have a home that was built in the 1970’s. The homeowner, John, called in and stated that settling was occurring on one side of the house. John also added; that doors were hard to open and part of the house was sitting in the 3ft high crawl space. John needed a solution fast so he called The Basement Doctor!


The Basement Doctor sent Project Manager Ryan Bolin out to examine the situation. Ryan’s years of experience made him a proven candidate for this job. Ryan’s primary objective was to find the issue at its core, and provide the best solution. After examination, Ryan suggested 18 Helical Piers, 14 Force Beams, and 136 ft of waterproofing. The Piers/Force Beams would bring stability back to the home’s foundation, prevent the home from sinking further and keep the walls from collapsing in. Waterproofing would prevent any opportunity of flooding because of the sinking that already occurred. Our team of professionals were on the job to insure a successful installation. In the end, John had the peace of mind that his home’s foundation was on the road to stability. He had indeed called the right place!