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Smelly and Musty Earth Odor in Basement in Waverly, OH
Customer: Mike & Anne E.
Location: Waverly, OH 45690
Project Manager: Ryan Bolin

Project Description


Mike stopped by The Basement Doctor booth during a Home & Garden Show. Mike filled out an “estimate request” form and marked the box labeled “Basement/Crawl Space”. A representative quickly reached out to Mike and his wife Anne. Anne stated that they were experiencing high humidity. They also smelled a musty earth odor in their basement and crawl space. Ann explained that they lived by a lake and they were also noticing cracks in the foundation in addition to the moisture and odors. They scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor hoping to solve these issues.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Ryan Bolin out for assessment of the basement and crawl space. Ryan was a great fit for this project, because of his expertise and reputation for assisting homeowners with basement, crawl space, and foundation issues throughout central Ohio. Arriving to the home, Ryan knew his first objective would be to find a permanent solution for the high humidity and musty odors in the couple’s basement. After a thorough assessment, Ryan suggested an SantaFe™ dehumidifier. The SantaFe™ dehumidifier can cover up to 5,000 sq. ft and remove 95 pints of water from your atmosphere. This is well beyond the capacity of a standard dehumidifier found in a big box store. The tray only needs to be replaced once a year, making it a very low-maintenance unit as well. After the couple mulled over the options discussed, they agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor. Our installation crew was “on the job” to ensure the dehumidifier was successfully installed. It was important to The Basement Doctor to find a solution for these issues, and to earn the trust of Mike and Anne. They were given peace of mind, and their goal of getting rid of the humidity and odors was successfully achieved!