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Sump Pump, Force Beam, and Freeze Relief Installation in Pickerington, OH
Customer: Paul & Lori D.
Location: Pickerington, OH 43147
Project Manager: Austin Waller

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Project Description


Paul called The Basement Doctor because he and his wife Lori had multiple issues going on in their basement. One of the issues Paul noticed was in the corner near his sump pump. He saw stair step and diagonal cracks. The second issue was a bowing wall that had been going on for a few years. He said the bowing had gotten worse over time. The last issue was that his sump pump was continuously running. Paul stated the basement was on a block foundation and partially finished. The portion of the basement experiencing the issues was unfinished. Paul scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Austin Waller out for an assessment of Paul and Lori’s basement. Austin is a great addition to our company and has a lot of experience assisting central Ohio customers. Austin had his work cut out for him because he had to examine three different issues. The main objective for our project managers is always to locate the problem and prescribe a solution. After a thorough assessment, Austin suggested one force beam, one sump pump, and one freeze relief on the discharge line. The force beam would address the cracked wall due to bowing and allow the wall to come back to proper alignment with the home’s foundation. The new sump pump replaced the old sump pump was continuously running. This means that the switch was stuck or that the pump was malfunctioning. This can make your sump pump overheat and further become damaged. The freeze relief would keep water from freezing in the discharge line during colder temperatures, allowing water to flow properly. Paul & Lori agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor as their contractor. Our Basement Doctor crew was on the job to ensure the products were installed successfully. Paul and Lori were given the peace of mind that they needed. Trust was earned, and the goal of customer satisfaction was achieved.

Customer Quote:

“Very satisfied with the work done. Austin & Michael were both great to work with. Thank you!” – Paul & Lori D.