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Broken Sump Pump Threatens to Flood Ashville, OH Basement
Customer: V. Monk
Location: Ashville, OH 43103
Annual Maintenance Service Technician: Phil Eddy

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Project Description


The homeowner noticed that during heavy rains and a snow thaw, her sump pumps weren’t functioning properly. This can be a nightmare for homeowners because of the potential risks of flooding. This made her very worried and concerned. She called The Basement Doctor to solve this problem!


AMS Technician Phil Eddy went out to the home to examine the issue. He discovered that her Watchdog brand battery backup sump pump was no longer working. Phil also noticed the 1 horse power sump pump was struggling to keep the basement from flooding. The culmination of these issues, only confirmed the frustration of the homeowner. Phil immediately “got on the job”! He removed the low grade, non-working sump pumps and battery backups. He replaced them with a ½ horsepower Champion sump pump and Wayne battery backup. As a double threat, together these sump pumps were able to faithfully manage the high flow of water. This not only saved the homeowner emotional stress, but it prevented her home from flooding.