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Basement Waterproofing & Structural Repair in Circleville, OH
Customer: Chris and Ruth O.
Location: Circleville, OH
Project Manager: Seth Melvin
Installation Foreman: Scott Freeland

Project Description


Homeowner’s, Chris and Ruth, were dealing with some issues in their basement. Water seepage was at the top of their concerns, along with shearing on their block walls. Three of the four walls had cracks, that were previously repaired, but were leaking again. There was also no existing sump pump to control the incoming water.


Chris and Ruth called the Basement Doctor for a free In-home inspection after they did their online research and saw all the positive reviews from their customers. They already had a previous estimate with another company. That company explained that Chris and Ruth would need to find an electrician to take care of the electrical wiring and a plumber to move the downstairs pipes before work could begin. The homeowners wanted to make this extensive job as easy as possible. The Basement Doctor not only provided a top-notch solution for their home but also provided them with an electrician and plumber. They no longer needed multiple visits from multiple contractors. With the Basement Doctor handling the entire project, they saved time and money. The homeowner’s project manager, Seth Melvin, proposed a thorough solution that addressed all their concerns. The basement received a complete makeover with a waterproofing system and a sump pump to redirect the water & carbon fiber wall braces along with Force beams to address the bowing and shearing walls.

Customer Quote:

"My experience with the basement doctor was the guys were nice and friendly, very good workers, kept the area clean, they did a good clean up when they were done with the job, explained everything well. I would recommend the basement doctor and I am thankful for the basement doctor and appreciate all the hard work they did."