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Wall Crack Repair in Springfield, OH
Customer: Bill & Sandy W.
Location: Springfield, OH 45504
Project Manager: Seth Melvin

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Project Description


Bill called into The Basement Doctor, because he discovered some water in his basement. It’s hard enough on a homeowner when you have water infiltrating your basement, but it’s another battle when you have water coming in and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from. He discovered the leak low alongside his wall. They had poured walls, but had also had drywall up that was covering the surface of the wall. Bill was certain that even though he couldn’t see the leak, it had to be coming from under his drywall. His basement was a finished basement, so his urgency to find the leak was even more heightened. He scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution for his leaky basement wall.


The Basement Doctor sent out project manager Seth Melvin for an assessment of the wall. Seth is very detailed when assisting homeowners, and was an overall great fit for this project. Seth understood coming in that there was drywall on the surface of the wall where the water was coming in. The homeowner told Seth that he would have the drywall removed so the issue could be located. After the removal of the drywall, Seth was able to locate the problem and suggest a solution. After a thorough assessment, Seth suggested NoWater Crack Repair for the basement wall. NWCR is a wall coating system that seals leaks at the core of the cracks. It also covers the crack so it isn’t visible to the eye. It locks water out at the entry point of the wall and stops further infiltration. After discussing the options, the homeowners agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor. The Basement Doctor team was on hand to ensure the installation was successful. The homeowner had peace of mind knowing his leak issue was solved.

Customer Quote:

"Seth was very proactive and gave outstanding explanation of the work process, warranty, and timeline." – Bill & Sandy W.