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Returning Customer After 20 Years
Customer: David & Lina K.
Location: Whitehall, OH
Project Manager: Mike Hlavsa
Installation Foreman: Gary Monroe

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Project Description

Previous customers, David and Lina, had The Basement Doctor waterproof a basement wall in their home 20 years ago. Since that time, that wall has been water free. So, when another wall started showing cracks and leaking, they knew exactly who to call!

Experienced Project Manager, Mike Hlavsa, met with the couple for a thorough in-home inspection and provided a solution of force beams, waterproofing, and a sump pump. With this combination, they would get the same great results they have come to expect from The Basement Doctor.

Gary Monroe and his crew installed The Force, a patented wall stabilizer, that is used to correct the wall’s positioning with an I-beam and spring-loaded torsion mechanism. This would make sure there was no more movement from the foundation wall and over time it could be corrected. The interior waterproofing system meant no timely and costly exterior excavation, just to have it fail again. This coupled with a reliable and efficient sump pump, meant that David and Lina could rest assured that the rainy seasons would no longer be damaging their home.