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Waterproofing & Structural Repair Issues Addressed For Home’s Sale in Pataskala, OH
Customer: Robert B.
Location: Pataskala, OH
Project Manager: Charlie Murphy
Installation Foreman: Donald Smith

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Project Description


Robert’s son, Brian, would like his dad to move closer to him, therefore Robert’s home would need to be sold, but first, the basement issues would need to be resolved. These issues consisted of cracked and bowing walls, that allowed a steady flow of water to infiltrate the basement. During heavy rains, Robert would get up to 6 inches of water! Clogged drains and poor plasterwork were not helping the situation either. In the last few years, Robert and Brian watched the walls buckle more and more. They knew they needed to find a professional for the project. The Basement Doctor commercials made a lasting impression on Robert, while Brian had met the owner, Ron Greenbaum, previously at a charity event. Brian decided to call and schedule the free in-home estimate. Project Manager, Charlie Murphy, met with Brian and Robert providing a thorough inspection of the foundation, both inside and out. Charlie proposed waterproofing, force beams, a sump pump, and glass block windows. Both Robert and Brian agreed with the solution and were confident in Charlie’s diagnosis. They decided to move ahead with the proposed work.


At the core of any good foundation is a waterproofing system with a premium sump pump. Installation Foreman, Donald Smith, and his crew installed an interior waterproofing system along with the Blue Angel Gemini sump pump. This pump comes with a ½ HP primary pump as well as a battery backup pump, capable of pumping as much as 76 gallons of water per minute combined. The unit also comes with continuous app monitoring that sends alerts for high water levels, power outages, and low battery charge. The Force Beam is a patented repair method for stabilizing basement walls, with a spring-loaded pressure system that is a permanent solution for bowing walls. These beams apply constant pressure to the wall and can, over time, begin to push the wall back into place. The glass block windows improve security and privacy along with improving energy costs and reduced maintenance. This all-encompassing solution addressed all of the homeowner’s concerns and is market-ready. Now, Robert can accomplish his ultimate goal of moving closer to his son.

Customer Quote:

"They gave us a price and they did not change It when we told them we were getting estimates like another popular competitor of theirs did. They also did not try to sell us more than we wanted or needed for the repair. In fact, when they gave us options and we picked what we wanted done in accordance with what we needed, that was it. No pressure to add anything. They were not the lowest price however they were honest and did exactly what they said they would do. And it has been worth the price. This is a business where you will get what you pay for and I have heard from people that had other companies do the work and had to have it fixed within a year. They said they called the Basement Doctor to have it fixed correctly. It was a great experience from the estimate through the final inspection."