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Waterproofing and Basement Doctor plus in Lewis Center, OH
Customer: Chuck & Ann S.
Location: Lewis Center, OH
Project Manager: Wes Martin
Installation Foreman: Rob Giffin

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Project Description


Chuck called The Basement Doctor because his basement walls were blistered. Chuck decided to call The Basement Doctor because of a referral that he and his wife Ann received from their neighbors. His neighbors Leonard and Sharon B. are satisfied previous customers. In addition to the blistering walls, they also noticed leaks and cracks on opposite walls as well. Chuck stated that he had a cistern wall that stayed damp as well. The issues he noticed were along the front and side walls. Chuck scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution for his basement walls.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Wes Martin out for an assessment of the basement walls. With more than 20 years of experience helping homeowners, and being that Wes also helped Chuck and Ann’s neighbors, he was automatically a great fit for this project. Wes knew that his primary objective was to diagnose the problem, and then provide a solution. After a thorough assessment, Wes suggested 92 ft. of waterproofing and Basement Doctor Plus. Waterproofing is a great way to seal off water infiltration and drain it away from the home properly. Basement Doctor Plus is a great equalizer to restore the look of a basement wall eaten by cracks, mold, discoloration, etc. After discussing the options with Chuck and Ann, they agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor as their contractor. Our Basement Doctor crew was on the job to ensure the products were installed successfully. Chuck and Ann were given the peace of mind that they needed. Trust was earned, and the goal of customer satisfaction was achieved!

Customer Quote:

“Robert Giffin (Foreman) did an outstanding job in heading up the project from start to finish. All was appreciated!” – Chuck & Ann S.