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Waterproofing and Epoxy Installation in Whitehall, OH
Customer: James & Karen E.
Location: Whitehall, OH 43227
Project Manager: Seth Melvin

Project Description


James came into The Basement Doctor design center to discuss concerns he had about his basement. He stated that his son-in-law had just moved out of his home and he (James) had noticed what looked like mold in his basement. James stated that it had the scent of mold but he wasn’t 100% sure. He also stated that half of the walls were painted and now chipping off with black spots prevalent. James stated that the walls were block walls, unfinished, and had spots where water leaked through. James scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution to his basement issues.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Seth Melvin out to assess the basement. Seth has an enthusiastic personality and loves to assist homeowners throughout the Central Ohio area. Seth’s objective coming into this project was to find the problem and offer a solution. After a thorough assessment, Seth determined that mold was indeed present and there were water spots in the walls. Seth suggested 108 ft. of waterproofing and 746 ft. of Basement Doctor Epoxy. Seth also suggested beams for the wall. Waterproofing would seal off any further leaking, epoxy would repair the look of the walls that were damaged by the chipped paint and water, and the beams would protect the unfinished wall from any movement. After discussing the options with James, he agreed to move forward with the installation process. The Basement Doctor crew was on the job to ensure a successful installation. James was a satisfied customer, and The Basement Doctor’s goal of trust and peace of mind was achieved.

Customer Quote:

“I stopped and talked with a representative. The process went very well. The crew was very professional and friendly. The work was excellent!!” – James E.