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Addressing Basement and Crawl Space Concerns With an Encompassing Solution in Westerville, OH
Customer: Ben & Courtney R.
Location: Westerville, OH
Project Manager: Charlie Murphy
Installation Foreman: Zach Wells

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Project Description

When Project Manager, Charlie, inspected the home, he walked the foundation with Ben and Courtney, listened to their concerns, made note of his findings, and provided them with a solution that addressed all their problems. The homeowners were comfortable with the solution and trusted Charlie, so they decided to move forward with the proposed work. Soon their job was scheduled and the installation crew, led by Zach Wells, began the project.

The installation team provided a crawl space encapsulation system that included spray foam insulation and a dehumidifier. Encapsulation seals the crawl space from the outdoors, providing a vapor barrier. This barrier protects the space from water, dirt, mold odors, bugs, and critters while improving air quality and energy efficiency. Another perk is that the crawl space can now be used for storage, without fear of items being damaged by water, mold, or pests. Courtney and Ben also opted for spray foam insulation to further control moisture and mold, while making their home even more energy efficient. The dehumidifier also supports the crawl space by adding another layer of protection and improved air quality, especially for allergy and asthma sufferers. Moving on to the basement portion of the foundation, epoxy was applied to the walls to seal them from water and moisture, and the existing sump pump was replaced for optimum performance.

Ben and Courtney know they made the right decision when they chose The Basement Doctor over another local contractor. Their project was completed to their satisfaction, promptly, and their home was left clean and tidy. Their foundation worries have been resolved and they have peace of mind knowing the solution was right for them.

Customer Quote:

"Zach was the foreman, he came out, was very professional. He had Matt working with him, they were very concerned about the cleanliness of the job site. They were very good about making sure everything was clean and tidy and that I was happy with everything they did both days they were out. I was here when the project was going on, Zach was very helpful by telling me exactly what the process was and what they were going to get done. They also told me their time frames and checked back in with me, several times that day to make sure I knew what was going on, if I was happy, and once again checking on the cleanliness of the project."