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Basement waterproofing in Upper Arlington, OH
Customer: Bobby M.
Location: Upper Arlington, OH 43221

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Project Description


The homeowner called because he had water in his basement. Water issues in the home can occur for a number of different reasons. In this case, the homeowner noticed he had water in the blocks and at the cove of his walls. When water breaches the walls and comes into the home, it is a major concern. Where is it entering from? Why is it coming in? These were questions the homeowner wanted answered. Needing a solution, he called The Basement Doctor!


The Basement Doctor sent a highly skilled and trained Project Manager out to examine the issues. His goal was to get the history on the property, locate the problem and propose the proper solution so that the homeowner could have a dry basement once again. After thorough examination, our Project Manager suggested our Basement Doctor No Water waterproofing system which would capture the water and force its exit away from the foundation of the home. Our Basement Doctor teams of professionals were “on the job” to ensure a successful completion. The homeowner had peace of mind, knowing he called the right place!