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Wet & Moldy Crawl Space Contributes to Health Problems in Blacklick, OH
Customer: Yvonne and Aristrides T.
Location: Blacklick, OH 43105
Installation Foreman: Calvin Sparks

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Project Description


The homeowners were noticing some nasty odors coming from the crawl space. Mrs T was having complications with her allergies and also headaches as a result of the issues in the crawl space. Concerned about the potential of mold and further health problems, the homeowners called The Basement Doctor


The project manager’s thorough inspection of the home, both inside and out, showed several issues that needed addressed, A new down spout was added to the exterior of the home to deliver the water away from the foundation of the house. Some additional connections were added to the sump pump so that it could successfully manage the water entering the home. The mold and mildew that was present due to the water leaking into the crawl space was treated with Anabec and the crawl space was sealed and encapsulated with our White Cap vapor barrier. This vapor barrier prevents further intrusion of water and therefore stops the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew.

Anything special that stood out to you in this project?

Knowing the homeowners concerns and the health issues they were experiencing, that seemed to be a result of the issues within the crawl space,there was a high level of urgency to provide them with a cleaner and healthier living space. Understanding that over 50% of the air they were breathing in their home was originating from that crawl space bothered me personally and I knew that we had the right solution for them.