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Foundation Repair Products

Whether you are experiencing settling foundations, bowed or cracked basement walls, cracks in drywall, sagging floor joists or have a home built on unsuitable foundation soils, The Basement Doctor™ can permanently and economically fix foundation issues by using more than 27 years of expert knowledge regarding Ohio area soils, and exclusive patented foundation repair products. We frequently work with professional engineers to ensure your foundation repair is properly taken care of.

Basement Wall Crack Repair

Foundation repair services available from The Basement Doctor include repair of homes and all types of buildings that have encountered vertical settlement or sinking problems. The method of repair is known as piering or underpinning. We utilize helical piers and drive them hydraulically into the ground in order to attain a base of support for the home or structure. Foundation wall cracks also happen very commonly to homes. The Reinforcer™ is the preferred repair solution. It is a carbon fiber strip system that is extremely effective in dealing with wall crack repairs.

Bowed Wall Repair

Another foundation repair method we offer is a fix for bowed basement walls, which are sometimes called buckling walls. A leaning foundation wall can be repaired or stabilized using The Force™. This a resistance based steel I beam system. It forces continual pressure onto any bowed wall and will not only stabilize a wall, but also push it back to a level or straight position over time due to the spring system.

The cracking, settling and shifting of foundations can often be caused by building a structure on expanding or contracting soil due to freezing water, improperly compacted fill soils, or from poor maintenance of the dirt around the building's foundation. Whatever the cause of a troublesome settling foundation, this settlement can ruin a building's value, and even render it unsafe. The highly-skilled foundation team at The Basement Doctor will restore your home’s structural integrity.

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