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Tired of looking at your unfinished, unlivable basement? You’re not alone. Many homeowners remodel their basements, but at an average cost of $30,000 for 1,200 sq ft, it is often unfeasible.

Spending loads of money isn’t the only way, though. With the right mindset, a can-do attitude, and some extra time, a remodel can be done for much less. Even if you’re strapped your cash, your basement can be transformed into an attractive, livable space.

Here is how to do basement remodels on a budget.

Paint the Walls

If your basement walls are already waterproofed, there’s no reason you need to cover them with drywall. Instead, you can pick a nice color and start painting. When painting, speaking with a professional is good practice, but as long as you follow the right steps and prepare your walls correctly, you can handle the job yourself.


Use Carpet Instead of Tile

While tile is often the most attractive option for basement floors, it isn’t the only option. If your basement is already waterproofed, then carpet is a viable option. Not only will it give your basement a welcoming atmosphere, but it will cost much less than tile. However, to protect against mold, it’s also recommended to install a vapor barrier and subfloor before placing your carpet. Having mold issues after your hard-earned remodel would be a disaster!

Vinyl Drop Ceiling

One of the last things you want in your new basement is to still see those dingy rafters and wires. By installing a vinyl drop ceiling, you’ll save a lot of money while making your basement look completely new. At an average cost of $1300, a vinyl drop ceiling is a viable option for the budget minded. It also allows for easy installation of light fixtures and vents.


Make it A Bedroom or Living Room

When doing basement remodels on a budget, having a goal in mind can make all the difference. If you want to turn it into a bedroom or living room, odds are that you’ll have many of the decorations and furniture on-hand, preventing an expensive trip to the store. Remodeled basements also make great storage rooms, laundry rooms, and home gyms. Furthermore, once you decide how to use the new space, then you can make any additions or tweaks during the remodel.

Now that you’ve seen how to do basement remodels on a budget, it’s time to get to work.  contact us to get a free consultation so you can see if there are any longstanding issues with your basement before you start remodeling!