Home » Frozen discharge lines causing some big flood problems for Central Ohio basements

Old man winter has dumped plenty of snow on Central Ohio over the past few weeks. Just today we have received calls from homeowners in Dublin, Westerville, Columbus, and Pickerington that their basements are flooding but they hear their sump pump running.

During the inspection, our Project Managers are identifying two causes that have contributed to the flooded basement:

  1. The snow plows have pushed snow against the curbs and blocked the discharge lines at the street. This causes the lines to back up and the water is forced back into the home.
  2. The sump pump discharge line is frozen and blocked by ice at the exit elbow of the home.

If your home is experiencing either of these issues, there are some actions you can take immediately that offer a temporary solution to prevent flooding in your basement.

  1. If you see a freeze plug on the discharge line as it is exiting the home, remove it to allow the water to discharge.
  2. If there is not a plug and the line is going directly into the ground, separate the sump pump line from the underground.

While both of these actions can help prevent water from entering the basement in the short term, they are not long term fixes. At this point, the water will be exiting toward your foundation, and it can eventually make its way into your basement, causing costly damage to your home and your belongings.

Freeze Relief is an innovative product that offers a permanent solution once it is installed where the sump pump discharge line exits the home. This is a simple, maintenance free, unit that prevents freezing and clogging of lines, and gives homeowners some security from their basements flooding, even during the coldest of winter months.

But don’t wait until there is a problem. Homes without the Freeze Relief are at a major risk of flooding during the winter. Get the peace of mind you deserve and schedule a consultation today.

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