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I want to share some information with you about an exceptional Columbus organization, LifeTown, and its annual Legends Luncheon–an inspiring event slated for May 12, with guest speaker Chris Spielman, and honoring Columbus City Schools.

As a parent of a special needs child myself, I cannot express how important this organization is to our community and to the thousands of children it helps each year. If you are not familiar with LifeTown, what it does is: 1) builds life skills and job skills in teens and young adults who, in generations past, would have had little future, and 2) lifts young people with disabilities to their fullest potential.

What is LifeTown’s approach? It is simulating a village where young people can learn to bank, go to the doctor or dentist after making an appointment on their own, visit a pet store, go to the library and get their own library card, or decide if they want to spend money to see a movie or buy something at the art supply store.

LifeTown serves 2,000 young people annually with the help of 800 community volunteers. I have been a fan and supporter for some time because I have seen firsthand the impact LifeTown can have on a child and his or her family. That’s why I hope you will visit their web site and watch the video below. By supporting LifeTown, you can make a difference. There are several sponsorship opportunities for the luncheon still available. For more information, please visit their web site and register online.

Lifetown Legends 2015