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Extensive Structural Repair Project On Fixer-Upper in Hilliard, OH
Customer: Steve W.
Location: Hilliard, OH
Project Manager: Jesse Senters
Installation Foreman: Justin Parks

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Project Description

Ten years ago, the homeowner Steve, purchased a fixer-upper that he knew would have several projects.

Once he noticed larger cracks, splitting, bowing, and even that his home seemed to be sinking he knew he could no longer wait to address his foundation problems. It had started to become a safety concern.

Steve decided to contact two local contractors for an inspection. He chose The Basement Doctor because his project manager, Jesse, thoroughly explained the issues at hand with great detail about the engineering and scope of work. He believed that by choosing The Basement Doctor his home was entrusted to a quality company providing quality work.

On the day of installation, foreman Justin Parks and his crew began the solution of helical piers, force beams, and glass block windows. Helical piers addressed the sinking foundation, while the force beams repaired the cracked and bowing walls. Piers provide a long-term solution pushing foundation walls back to their original placement, strengthening the structure. This system works well in Ohio soil and on all structures both residential and commercial.

Force beams offer a resistance based I beam, for adjustable wall support, to repair bowed and cracked foundation walls.

This beam provides continual pressure to realign and stabilize the wall for good. The addition of the glass block windows ensures a more secure and private lower level with the added benefit of energy efficiency.

Customer Quote:

“Jesse (the project manager) is a great guy! He has been very helpful, very friendly. He has explained everything I need to know and had the more accurate estimate. Justin is great! I like the crew. I really enjoyed them. I always hear you guys cracking up about something fun and that made me feel better having you guys around for a couple weeks. I got my house 10 years ago. It was a fixer-upper. I have fixed the little things here and there, but the foundation was the big piece that needed to get done. And now that that is done, I kinda feel this is my house. Before it was a project I was working on. Now it is something I am proud of.”