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Nothing causes discomfort in your home quite like humidity, and there is a fine line between too much or too little. Like we mentioned in our previous blog, when the humidity levels in your home aren’t regulated, it can lead to a number of problems such as, moldmusty odorsallergiesupper respiratory illnesspoor indoor air qualitypest infestation, and damage to your property.

High levels of humidity are especially problematic in the basement or crawl space, since 50 percent of the air you breathe upstairs in your home comes from the lower level. This is known as “The Stack Effect.” The Stack Effect during the summer pushes warmer air into your house, forcing the cooler air outside. The opposite is true in the winter. This effect is also carrying odors, moisture and mold from the basement to the upper living areas.

Dehumidification is the solution to preventing these issues by maintaining the humidity in your basement at the proper level. Dust mites and mold thrive in environments with relative humidity that is above 50 percent. A dehumidifier would allow you to maintain relative humidity at a much healthier percentage. But, not all dehumidifiers are created equal. The standard dehumidifiers found at most home improvement stores are not as effective as they should be. Below are four key factors that make a professional grade dehumidifier, like the one pictured, the better investment for your home and your health.

1. Conditions

The cooler temperatures in your basements and crawl spaces create unique humidity control challenges for homeowners. Most residential dehumidifiers found in stores are measured in pints of water removed per day at standard conditions of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 percent relative humidity. Most basements and crawl spaces are cooler than 80 degrees, which means the removal capacity is significantly less. A professional grade unit is designed specifically for the cooler crawl space or basement environment.

2. Space and capacity

Under their standard conditions above, most residential units have the capacity to remove 20 to 65 pints of water per day and only cover a limited amount of space. A professional grade dehumidifier has a much larger capacity of up to 135 pints per day and can cover areas as large as 5,000 square feet.

3. Air quality

A standard unit will provide dehumidification only. Professional dehumidifiers will also provide powerful air filtration.

4. Energy efficiency

Professional grade dehumidifiers are much more energy efficient than standard units. They are constructed with more efficient refrigeration coils, compressors, and fans to help them use less energy when removing moisture.

If you don’t currently have a way to regulate the humidity in your home, now is the time, especially with the warmer weather we are experiencing this month. A professional grade dehumidifier is the key to creating a comfortable, healthy living space for you and your family.

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